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Diana Hex Fitness

Dance and Fitness Artist

Pre-Order Holiday Treasure Chest

$155.00 $555.00

Pre-Order the perfect Holiday Gift! Comes in wrapped gift box! The healthiest choice to give this season. Along with hope and good intentions you can give a special someone all the tools they'll need to get on track to a healthier lifestyle. Gift them a valued investment that money can't even buy. 

  • Diana Hex Fitness Sucess Journal (Personalized Book) _$35 Value
  • Fitness Workout at home or travel for all levels _$25 Value
  • Logoed Water Bottle _$25 Value
  • Logoed T-Shirt or Tank _$45 Value
  • GreenH2o _One Weeks worth _$40 Value
  • Detox Pack _One Weeks Worth _$40 Value
  • Uplift Cellu~Scrub _$20 Value
  • One Personal Assessment Training _$125 Value
  • One Custom Food Plan _$200 Value

70% OFF When Ordered Before November 1st!

*Diana Hex Fitness Success Journal is guide I wrote to accompany my clients success on their healthy fitness journeys. You'll find a step by step guide with information that'll last a lifetime. You'll get motivationuplifters, many secrets that I've learned over the past 20 plus years living in the United States, recipes and more.  A Timeless Treasure!! 


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