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Dance and Fitness Artist



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Posted by Diana Hex on February 26, 2014 at 1:30 PM Comments comments ()


Pro dancer/celebrity trainer Diana Hex announces her participation in  February 28- March 2nd as a fitness model for Promera Sports, the LA Marathon Sunday, March 9th, the Ms Fitness Inland Empire on April 5th in Corona, and the Miss Fitness Hollywood on June 28th, she also has her sights set on the Iron Man triathlon and is currently seeking product and financial sponsors.

The Miss Fitness Competition was started in 1985 and since then thousands of women from across the United States have competed throughout the year in state and regional competitions for their shot at the Miss Fitness USA title. This is not just another pageant, it's a sport operated under the supervision of the International Fitness Sanctioning Body (IFSB). In 1992, the IFSB went through a major, global expansion and Ms. Fitness World came to fruition, with the first international fitness competition ever held anywhere in the world taking place in March 1994.

It is important to note that Ms/Miss Fitness inspires and motivates viewers unlike any other fitness movement for several reasons. The women who participate in Ms/Miss Fitness are "everywoman." The average age is 29. The majority are married and raising children. They come from every walk of life, and work in every occupation imaginable. They are dedicated and committed women who have embraced a fit and healthy lifestyle, and are able to articulate their choice in a very relatable manner, and visually demonstrate the results. All competitors are judged in three distinct rounds of competition which include Beauty, Poise & Projection (evening gown); Physical Beauty & Muscle Tone (swimwear); and Flexibility & Endurance (fitness wear).

Sponsor support will go towards contest entry/membership, supplements, strict nutrition plan, special trainer, uniforms, gear, transportation costs, photos, contest entry, etc.

They will also have their name in press materials and promotions, logo and acknowledgment on website, mentions on social media, Ms. Hex will wear logos of sponsor on uniform during competitions and photos (where applicable), etc.


Hex teaches weekly Zumba and advanced fitness classes but is reestablishing herself as an active competitor and brand rep. She recently participated in the Evolution Fitness Expo as a fitness model as Promera Sports at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

She emerged into the realm of fitness when she began teaching Hip-Hop and Cardio Sculpt at the M G Dance/Fitness Theatre in West Hollywood. She enjoyed a career as a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Clippers, which proved her competitive athletic prowess leading to competitions, stage, television and film productions. After being featured in a series of commercials and several club openings for Bally Total Fitness, she became recognized as an industry leader and was asked by Bally to choreograph their commercial which starred pop star Pink as the spokesperson. From there, her teaching expanded to 24 Hour Fitness, Gold's Gym, West LA College, LA Fitness, Marina City Club, The Jonathan Club, The Sports Club LA and Equinox.

Not only is Diana an accomplished professional in the industry, but she is also an aspiring author and motivational speaker. She is currently speaking to elementary school students and writing a book entitled, Diana Hex: 30 Day Fit Success Journal, the dedicated wife and mother's passion for dance and helping others reach their goals fuels her infamous charisma and elegance. She values the ability to live her life by inspiring and improving the quality of life for others.

Thank you for your support!

All the best,



Wits End

Posted by Diana Hex on February 12, 2012 at 10:20 PM Comments comments ()

This paper enlightened my conscience to what my father meant when he encouraged me to expand my mind. He always thought returning to school was a good idea. However, he also encouraged me to self-educate myself. He, also, said that I don’t necessarily have to have a PhD in order to contribute to society. Fifteen years ago, when he said that, I didn’t understand what he meant. As of nine months ago, I didn’t understand this statement. Once upon a time I believed that the characteristics of an educated person held the achieved status on the level of a college degree. I now have an epiphany on what encompasses an educated person.

I started thinking and discovering my ideas of a person who possess the appropriate attributes of someone who’s well educated. One of the first things that came to mind was a walking library. Someone whose well-spoken and eloquently versed in many subjects and no matter what subject you inject they’d not only have an opinion about it but further extend your knowledge on what you thought you knew. I had a conversation with a developer on my dance history course and mentioned that we watched a clip on the Nicolas Brother’s and he begin to educate me on several movies that they were in, which led to the positive comments made by Fred Astaire who were inspired by them and that the Nicolas Brothers had many great accomplishments including teaching Tap dance at Harvard. Who knew, I never knew this, this wasn’t even discussed in class and this is an amazing historic issue.

This further led me to discover that some educated personality tend to have a high I.Q. or is an autodidact. A high IQ is not necessarily important in education, though it explains the capacity to learn in an individual. More importantly an autodidact is a self- teacher through self- education opposed to learning in school. There are people who taught themselves calculus or computer programming, an example of an autodidact is Steve Job’s the business leader and an inventor for Apple computers. Mr. Job’s has no formal training yet has self-directed learning in building computers.

But what happens to the educated does he contributes to society? Ultimately, I discovered that there are those that take the next level of an autodidact known as a Renaissance man. The Renaissance man or polyhistor has a significant number of different subject areas. A genius who’s good at several things, Leonardo Da Vinci is a superior mirror of Renaissance genius. He was a scientist, painter musician, engineer, mathematician, architect, inventor, anatomist, writer, botanist, and he was curious about everything in nature. Being a Renaissance man translates into giving room for contribution; Leonardo took his knowledge and gave back to society with genius works and inventions, such as the painting of “The Last Supper,” or the invention of the helicopter (just to name a fraction). Still remarkable four hundred years later.

A walking library with an autodidacts’ personality, and display aspects of a renaissance man, conveys the fundamental characteristics, and my definition of an educated person. Upon returning to school it was my intention to get the degree, moreover, I’m earning an education in my pursuit. This enlightenment gives me the do all end to discover ways to give back to the community in which I draw my knowledge. Thanks Dad, I finally understand your desire.

Ten Hours of Fame

Posted by Diana Hex on January 10, 2012 at 6:05 PM Comments comments ()

One particular day I heard of an audition being held for Professional cheerleaders and decided to go. I made this decision without telling anyone. I did not want to hear another discouraging comment that would dissuade me from going. I had already heard that there were no black cheerleaders because these organizations preferred white girls. I was confident enough; however, to know that with my training I had a gift and talent in dance! I woke up at 5 the morning of the audition and arrived at the Spectrum Athletic Club in Manhattan Beach at 7 for the audition at 8 on the basketball court. This is significant because at this stage in my life I was usually late to everything. I was ready to dance wearing my black leotard, black dance briefs and my soft pink sports top with my belly button taut and tight.

A few girls turned into hundreds of glamorous girls trying out. As more girls begin to arrive I grew more anxious, nervous, intimidated and excited all in one bundle. I embraced my shoulders with the warmth of my own arms, and I told myself, “You have a divine gift and talent that’s enhanced with pure passion, and no one can take that away from you!” As we entered the gymnasium the registrars sat at a long table where we submitted our pictures and resumes in exchange for our audition number. I was number 57 out of 500 dancers auditioning.

It’s now around 8:30am, and we were to dance for the judges. We began with an across the floor combination of walks, turns, and leaps. After everyone was given a chance to learn choreography; we went across the floor in small groups displaying our numbers and judged according to our execution. As the judges collaborated I could hear voice volumes increase as dancers expressed words with each other, some laughed, some complained, and some had vocal outbursts; as if they had Tourette’s syndrome. As the announcer grabbed the microphone and caught our attention, everyone became silent. I could almost hear the pounding heartbeats of some of the dancers in the fog of silence. The announcer called a series of numbers; mine included and said “Would you please stay” and thanked everyone else for coming. Girls cried and moaned as they gathered their baggage, nearly 100 girls were cut. The second phase was here. We learned a jazzy dance routine. The same format was followed, and another group of girls were cut. The third phase included a Hip Hop routine, yet again, the same process. Wow, I’m still standing and amazed; however, we still had over 100 girls. Our fourth phase this day included our own made up routines to a song they played, and we had less than a minute segment that should include our strengths, specialties, or tricks. It’s now after 4pm. And we had 30 minutes to work on our own choreography. I included a little Jazz, Hip Hop, leaps, falls and gymnastics. We all went individually. I remember moving, shaking, flipping, and jumping, and everyone screaming and cheering me on! I felt an amazing unbiased freedom. I was happy, excited, anxious and nervous. While the judges gathered, fellow dancers complimented my energy and routine. I felt overwhelming joy, and I knew that I was where I belonged. It’s now 6pm. The judges did not call numbers, instead the thanked us for coming and explained that the finalists would be called via the telephone, and those called would meet with the NBA directors and panel in a final interview and that we should dress model professional at the time. We left, exhausted and overjoyed, in our different directions.

The next two days were a fog of anticipation of the awaited phone call. I remember that I answered my cell phone on every ring. I even answered calls that I was trying to avoid just to be sure! Finally, I received a phone call from a young lady who said, “Hi, Diana; we are directed to call everyone whether you’ll proceed or not. I just want you to know that, I apologize for not calling you sooner, we would like you to proceed to the finals.” I screamed and shouted, and everyone on my end of the phone came over to make sure that I was ok! At our final interview we were taken in small groups of five or six and sat before a panel of managers, directors, sponsors, and others behind the Clipper organization. We were asked questions and interacted with each other. After we had our final interview we were thanked and informed that we would be called. I don’t know remember which anxiety was greater: the anticipation of the first phone call or waiting for the last call that would determine my fate. Finally they called me the following evening by 7:40pm. They congratulated me on being an Official NBA cheerleader for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Chills of excitement surged through my body. I considered the audition day from eight-ish to six-ish my 10 hours of fame. I called my family after the process was completed. My mother and sister screamed and shouted. My dance academy and mentors was very proud. Somehow, I remembered to call Joel Todd, and invited him to come to any NBA LA Clippers basketball game of his choice. I was recently rejected as a dancer by Joel Todd, a manager, who wanted to represent me as a model. He was an average height and sized man who was once an artist and noticed me at the Beverly Connection on my way to the Souplantation for lunch. Upon his interest in representing me, he had come to Dupree Dance Academy to watch me in a jazz level 3. After, no more than five minutes, at the time we were learning the routine. He walked out. When I’d finally spoke with him he told me to forget about dancing and to stick with modeling. He had explained that he was a former dancer and didn’t think that it was my strength. I was heartbroken. My heart has healed and I forgave the non-believers with my success.

Oh the journey to get to that one small but important moment has left a lasting impression on me. My career continued to flourish in dance through television, film and stage productions. I also delve into the fitness industry. I became a choreographer and fitness instructor. Some of my opportunities include choreography for Bally Total Fitness commercials, Crunch fitness Video’s, Ms. Fitness, third place titlist in 2003, Grand Openings, former P.E. teacher for West LA College and recently Ms. Fitness universe 2009, fourth place titlist. Today I’m a celebrity trainer, dance and fitness instructor in all fitness formats for The Sports Club LA and Beverly Hills, The Jonathan Club, Spectrum in Manhattan Beach (where I audition for the Clippers), Gold’s Gym in Venice, and Equinox. I’ve now arrived back at SMC to complete my degrees in Dance and Kinesiology to better serve my students and clientele. Amazingly over ten years after that amazing audition to become a Professional cheerleader, I recently auditioned for the new Zumba Video, as number 65 out of over 200, and am now in the current DVD and infomercials; it was on television today at 12:30pm on CNBC. In the same regard as my younger years I am super excited. Ten hours has influenced a lifetime of fame at heart.

The Sensual Pleasures of the Palette

Posted by Diana Hex on November 27, 2011 at 5:10 PM Comments comments ()

She praises the benefits of industrialized foods. She compares it to the labor ridden toil of our ancestors. She believes that raw or natural foods are quite nasty and repugnant. Can you see the portrait of the attractiveness of the tasty readymade foods displayed on the markets shelves? Yes, her fantasy for convenience has been fulfilled. She now seduces your persuasion to show you that you too truly desire fast, nutritious, and yummy foods. It has now become a societal norm.

The histories of natural foods have caused our forefathers to have to beat, soak and ferment our food. We romanticize about eating right and healthier, yet, we prefer processed, nutrient-enriched food. We also desire the mouthwatering, tasty, affordable, auspicious convenience of made-to-order mechanized edibles even at the possibility of our own demise. The ethos of our forbears took hours to prepare food for their families to create extra pleasing chow. In any event, Americans have grown to such a hurried pace we are now aroused to position industrialized foods on a pedestal.

We possess the sweet harmony of convenience in fast foods which has caused our, all time high, possession of Heart disease, Diabetes, and obesity. Are we truly helping our forefathers by creating fast convenience of highly processed or genetically modified foods? Our ancestors bore rich labor of agriculture and today we are poor with lack of employment, jobs, and global warming. She asked, “How do our food choices affect global warming?” The machine-cuisine we are eating today takes about five hundred gallons of oil per person to produce. (According to

Yes, natural foods can be boring, bland, and unsatisfying. Yet, we are paying high prices for organically grown products that were our ancestor’s norms. We have trained our taste buds, when, actually, I find a tablespoon of natural peanut butter (that you have to stir – because it naturally separates), spread over an organic apple, satisfying to my sugar craving. It’s also a good source of protein and a healthy fat that my body can naturally assimilate; it nurtures my skin and muscles that contribute to the quality and length of my life. It’s a natural process to ferment, marinate, and tenderize our foods, but once preservatives and processed flavorings came along we accepted these ideas. We now have the birth of diabetes. It is said that environment, genetics, and eating habits contribute to diabetes; If diabetes is a hormonal disease based on insulin upset, isn’t it safe to say that because some foods directly affect our hormones and insulin levels that our diets directly affect our cause of diabetes. For example, The Amish, whose ethno methodology dates backs hundreds of years, is an agricultural society that manages to live longer; and is immune to diabetes among them. They’ve managed to maintain their culture for over one hundred and fifty years without adopting the changing waves of the world, in fact, the only change they had to adopt was men had to go to work outside of their communities, because of the rising rates of real estate in order to maintain their property.

Just look at the gorgeous eye candy of express foodstuff. The birth of fast food convenience is not how we romanticized it to be, but benefits retailers and corporations. The initial start of processing foods began with retailers. In case in point, oils, sold in markets, begin to separate and spoil on shelves and retailers lost lots of money. Moreover, retailers’ invented processes that lengthened shelf life. We have been beguiled from processes and preservative, to hormonal growth of meats and poultry, to now genetically modified foods at seed level. That’s an amazing orgasmic brain-teaser we're getting from retail corporations marketing. Ironically, these owners are in the lower percentage of having diabetes, heart disease, or obesity. According to The American Diabetes Association, races diagnosed are 13 % Black American, 12% Hispanics, 8.4% Asian American, and 7.1% non-Hispanic whites. It’s not personal, it’s just business. The gift of my trade helps educate people on their health in terms of nutrition and fitness. I want to empower you on what is going into your body. Awareness will help you to make better decisions. You don’t have to accept the chemicals that these retailers are dishing out. I want you to live disease-free with the benefit of living longer. Your life is personal! It’s yours!

Industrialized, hormonally secreted, and genetically modified foods are pleasantly priced for today’s budget, economy, and is community offered. We are paying the high price of a shortened life span. We must aspire for an ethos that stays true to nature’s intent to nutrients that best care for our wellbeing. With a plan of solidarity, by adopting natural foods, would decrease disease and create a compelling sense of harmony in increasing longevity. Improved eating will improve life expectancy and slow the aging process. Imagine the money we’d save on beauty products and plastic surgery. If we adopt even similar sanctions as the

Amish, we’d also become immune to diseases and live longer. Genetic researchers and Endocrinologists have flocked to Amish country amazed at the lack of cases of diabetes over the past years. Would you agree that growing your own agriculture can help eliminate the amount of chemicals that go into our bodies; and that living longer would be a benefit. You can grow a tomato plant in a pot in your kitchen window. It’s not just business, it’s personal.

How I attained my Passion and Fundament! I want to Help Others

Posted by Diana Hex on January 3, 2009 at 3:18 PM Comments comments ()

My life experiences have embarked Knowledge.  My family's originally from Alabama.  My father was an educator (Math and Science) and my mother was a Dancer and I am one of 7 children.  I grew up in, California, a rough part of South Central Los Angeles. I've experienced several forms of Hardship. I was determined at a very young age not to become a product of my environment!

I've learned that anything worth doing has to be worth doing!  Just to name a few:


Dancing, I remember taking my lunch money and catching the bus to take dance classes at Popular Dance Centers as well as dance courses in college.  I studied Ballet, Pointe, Modern, all ethnic dances, Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa, Gymnastics- you name it.  Later after college I saved for months I took a shuttle flight to New York and studied at Popular Dance Academies. 


Eating, I went from being a complete carnivore to a strict vegetarian.  I also experienced being a fruitarian within the 5 years of vegetarianism, to now incorporating Fish, poultry and some dairy. As a vegetarian my concerns were making sure that my body got every single nutrient required by my body.  I studied in depth about nutrition and supplements learning what foods had what and what herbs did what and much more!  I considered being a Holistic Practitioner, Nutritionist, Naturopathy, Healthologist and Chiropractor (I actually filled out the college application).  I did become a Certified Massage Therapist (Santa Monica school of Massage) specializing in Shiatsu, deep tissue and Swedish massage and suggested successful prescriptions for nutritional healing.


Physical education, I taught @ West Los Angeles College. As a Fitness enthusiast, I studied exercise and participated and gained knowledge in most forms,  earning certifications in several forms of dance, exercises (including cycling, hip hop, kickboxing, aqua, Body Sculpt, Step and many more), and Personal Training.  Holding Certifications With AFAA, ACE, Keiser, Spinning, MGFDTC and Acredited CPR.  


As you can probably guess I don't just take one source of information as what is, I study several sources, coupled with experiences, I get a better picture of what is!  The education I received from college, intricate self study and elaborate Life experiences all Transcends Me.  I've made a decision to enjoy my journey, do what I enjoy and ? live with passion!


As an adult I've worked hard and played harder.  I love what I do today!  My passion is dance and fitness! To educate others in Dance, Fitness and Healthy Living as I continue on my journey is Glorious. 


In essence,


Diana Hex