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The Sensual Pleasures of the Palette

Posted by Diana Hex on November 27, 2011 at 5:10 PM

She praises the benefits of industrialized foods. She compares it to the labor ridden toil of our ancestors. She believes that raw or natural foods are quite nasty and repugnant. Can you see the portrait of the attractiveness of the tasty readymade foods displayed on the markets shelves? Yes, her fantasy for convenience has been fulfilled. She now seduces your persuasion to show you that you too truly desire fast, nutritious, and yummy foods. It has now become a societal norm.

The histories of natural foods have caused our forefathers to have to beat, soak and ferment our food. We romanticize about eating right and healthier, yet, we prefer processed, nutrient-enriched food. We also desire the mouthwatering, tasty, affordable, auspicious convenience of made-to-order mechanized edibles even at the possibility of our own demise. The ethos of our forbears took hours to prepare food for their families to create extra pleasing chow. In any event, Americans have grown to such a hurried pace we are now aroused to position industrialized foods on a pedestal.

We possess the sweet harmony of convenience in fast foods which has caused our, all time high, possession of Heart disease, Diabetes, and obesity. Are we truly helping our forefathers by creating fast convenience of highly processed or genetically modified foods? Our ancestors bore rich labor of agriculture and today we are poor with lack of employment, jobs, and global warming. She asked, “How do our food choices affect global warming?” The machine-cuisine we are eating today takes about five hundred gallons of oil per person to produce. (According to globalwarmingdiet.org)

Yes, natural foods can be boring, bland, and unsatisfying. Yet, we are paying high prices for organically grown products that were our ancestor’s norms. We have trained our taste buds, when, actually, I find a tablespoon of natural peanut butter (that you have to stir – because it naturally separates), spread over an organic apple, satisfying to my sugar craving. It’s also a good source of protein and a healthy fat that my body can naturally assimilate; it nurtures my skin and muscles that contribute to the quality and length of my life. It’s a natural process to ferment, marinate, and tenderize our foods, but once preservatives and processed flavorings came along we accepted these ideas. We now have the birth of diabetes. It is said that environment, genetics, and eating habits contribute to diabetes; If diabetes is a hormonal disease based on insulin upset, isn’t it safe to say that because some foods directly affect our hormones and insulin levels that our diets directly affect our cause of diabetes. For example, The Amish, whose ethno methodology dates backs hundreds of years, is an agricultural society that manages to live longer; and is immune to diabetes among them. They’ve managed to maintain their culture for over one hundred and fifty years without adopting the changing waves of the world, in fact, the only change they had to adopt was men had to go to work outside of their communities, because of the rising rates of real estate in order to maintain their property.

Just look at the gorgeous eye candy of express foodstuff. The birth of fast food convenience is not how we romanticized it to be, but benefits retailers and corporations. The initial start of processing foods began with retailers. In case in point, oils, sold in markets, begin to separate and spoil on shelves and retailers lost lots of money. Moreover, retailers’ invented processes that lengthened shelf life. We have been beguiled from processes and preservative, to hormonal growth of meats and poultry, to now genetically modified foods at seed level. That’s an amazing orgasmic brain-teaser we're getting from retail corporations marketing. Ironically, these owners are in the lower percentage of having diabetes, heart disease, or obesity. According to The American Diabetes Association, races diagnosed are 13 % Black American, 12% Hispanics, 8.4% Asian American, and 7.1% non-Hispanic whites. It’s not personal, it’s just business. The gift of my trade helps educate people on their health in terms of nutrition and fitness. I want to empower you on what is going into your body. Awareness will help you to make better decisions. You don’t have to accept the chemicals that these retailers are dishing out. I want you to live disease-free with the benefit of living longer. Your life is personal! It’s yours!

Industrialized, hormonally secreted, and genetically modified foods are pleasantly priced for today’s budget, economy, and is community offered. We are paying the high price of a shortened life span. We must aspire for an ethos that stays true to nature’s intent to nutrients that best care for our wellbeing. With a plan of solidarity, by adopting natural foods, would decrease disease and create a compelling sense of harmony in increasing longevity. Improved eating will improve life expectancy and slow the aging process. Imagine the money we’d save on beauty products and plastic surgery. If we adopt even similar sanctions as the

Amish, we’d also become immune to diseases and live longer. Genetic researchers and Endocrinologists have flocked to Amish country amazed at the lack of cases of diabetes over the past years. Would you agree that growing your own agriculture can help eliminate the amount of chemicals that go into our bodies; and that living longer would be a benefit. You can grow a tomato plant in a pot in your kitchen window. It’s not just business, it’s personal.

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