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Posted by Diana Hex on February 12, 2012 at 10:20 PM

This paper enlightened my conscience to what my father meant when he encouraged me to expand my mind. He always thought returning to school was a good idea. However, he also encouraged me to self-educate myself. He, also, said that I don’t necessarily have to have a PhD in order to contribute to society. Fifteen years ago, when he said that, I didn’t understand what he meant. As of nine months ago, I didn’t understand this statement. Once upon a time I believed that the characteristics of an educated person held the achieved status on the level of a college degree. I now have an epiphany on what encompasses an educated person.

I started thinking and discovering my ideas of a person who possess the appropriate attributes of someone who’s well educated. One of the first things that came to mind was a walking library. Someone whose well-spoken and eloquently versed in many subjects and no matter what subject you inject they’d not only have an opinion about it but further extend your knowledge on what you thought you knew. I had a conversation with a developer on my dance history course and mentioned that we watched a clip on the Nicolas Brother’s and he begin to educate me on several movies that they were in, which led to the positive comments made by Fred Astaire who were inspired by them and that the Nicolas Brothers had many great accomplishments including teaching Tap dance at Harvard. Who knew, I never knew this, this wasn’t even discussed in class and this is an amazing historic issue.

This further led me to discover that some educated personality tend to have a high I.Q. or is an autodidact. A high IQ is not necessarily important in education, though it explains the capacity to learn in an individual. More importantly an autodidact is a self- teacher through self- education opposed to learning in school. There are people who taught themselves calculus or computer programming, an example of an autodidact is Steve Job’s the business leader and an inventor for Apple computers. Mr. Job’s has no formal training yet has self-directed learning in building computers.

But what happens to the educated does he contributes to society? Ultimately, I discovered that there are those that take the next level of an autodidact known as a Renaissance man. The Renaissance man or polyhistor has a significant number of different subject areas. A genius who’s good at several things, Leonardo Da Vinci is a superior mirror of Renaissance genius. He was a scientist, painter musician, engineer, mathematician, architect, inventor, anatomist, writer, botanist, and he was curious about everything in nature. Being a Renaissance man translates into giving room for contribution; Leonardo took his knowledge and gave back to society with genius works and inventions, such as the painting of “The Last Supper,” or the invention of the helicopter (just to name a fraction). Still remarkable four hundred years later.

A walking library with an autodidacts’ personality, and display aspects of a renaissance man, conveys the fundamental characteristics, and my definition of an educated person. Upon returning to school it was my intention to get the degree, moreover, I’m earning an education in my pursuit. This enlightenment gives me the do all end to discover ways to give back to the community in which I draw my knowledge. Thanks Dad, I finally understand your desire.

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