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Uplift Cellu~Scrub


I’m in love with this product that I created several years ago on accident. I was on my 4th or 5th class or client one day and I was so drained and was ready to just take a nap. However, I needed an extra push for this amazing class and I showered with a mix of products from my cabinet.

After a few minutes my entire being was INVIGORATED and I was literally kicking, cartwheeling and fully energized for what end up being an UuuaaahhhMazing class.

I was ecstatic with the results and used it on the occasions I wanted a true pick me up! In my research and refining, I discovered the tightening affects to the skin and that it in fact, some of the products prevent and loosen signs of Cellulite! My skin was also baby smooth and supple following the regimen.

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