Diana Hex Fitness

Dance and Fitness Artist



Are you finally ready to shape this Spring?   8 Week Fit-Camp includes a weekly 90 min meet!  Gain the tools to Transform your lifestyle to a Fit, productive and cloud nine benefit!   You'll be amazed about how simple these techniques are and learn how they can be maintained!  YOU CAN DO IT.  LET ME BE YOUR LIFESTYLE COACH! 'I was born to share freely in the abundance of Life'


Fit-Camp Now includes a 60 day Success Journal designed to help you attain your fitness goals through Constant and Never-Ending Improvement!


Start your own Fit-Camp with Co-workers, family or friends on a day that's convenient for you all. YES!  I'LL COME TO YOU!  START YOUR FIT-CAMP TODAY!   (*Minimum 6 persons!)    Weekly ~ 8 Consecutive weeks


Deeply respect your body and take excellent care of it each day!

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