Diana Hex Fitness

Dance and Fitness Artist

15-Class Package


10 chances to get fitter, FASTER than any other regimen now before New Years Eve!

By doing Corejᗩm ƒᎥtnǝss at the top of the morning on leisure weekends your body will burn more calories. Your body is primed to burn more fat. Otherwise its the most effective workout anytime!!!

Corejᗩm ƒᎥtnǝss use strategically targeted exercises to extract and burn stubborn fat with power tools to break down fat releasing the proper hormones that keeps your body naturally looking younger.

You’ll experience the difference in a Corejᗩm ƒᎥtnǝss 'Exclusive' & all classes.

«"Weekend Detox” Packs» are now available. This action step will hydrate you, help rid inflammation & belly bloat, replenish electrolytes, fight free radicals in your joints and cells, detoxifies, cleanse your colon, give you natural energy, protects, and balances your body.

Your health is attributed to your life-style choices, thoughts & environmental factors by approximately 79-86%.

Most importantly It's so much fun <3

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